Changeover domestic to commercial catering CODC1 and COCATA1 Package

Advance 4 Training offers this package course for domestic gas engineers who also wish to work on Commercial Catering services. This package includes training and assessment on changeover from domestic to commercial catering gas safety CODC1 and changeover domestic to commercial catering appliances COCATA1.
Course fee:
3 Days
Course structure
This three days course includes CODC1 and COCATA1. The fee includes training, assessment and the certification fee for CODC1 and COCATA1 only. *Training is not a mandatory prerequisite to assessment but recommended.
Course Contents
  • CODC1 Changeover domestic to commercial catering.
  • COCATA1 changeover domestic to commercial catering appliances (CENWAT, CKR1 reqquired) COCATA1 will cover COMCAT1 commercial sized cooking range with an atmospheric burner Servicing and COMCAT3 Deep Fat Fryers with Atmospheric Burners.
  • Current Domestic core gas safety CCN1 and domestic appliances CENWAT & CKR1 required.
Achievement on completion
On Successful completion of assessment candidate will gain the Cert-ain certificate for the Changeover domestic to commercial Catering CODC1 and appliance modules they have undertaken.
Become a Gas safe Registered Engineer