Commercial catering appliances COMCAT1, COMCAT3

Advance 4 Training offer this course for those experienced gas engineers who want to work on commercial catering appliances. *COMCAT1: Cooking Ranges with Atmospheric Burners covers the installation, commissioning and servicing of non domestic size cooking ranges, Grills and hot plates with atmospheric burners. *COMCAT3: Deep Fat Fryers with Atmospheric Burners. Fees: £150.00 for assessment and £ 75.00 for training for each module. Certification fees not included.
Course fee:
1 Day
Course structure
COMCAT1, COMCAT3: Each module can be completed in half day training and half day assessment or all three modules can be completed in one day training and one day assessment. Training is not a pre requisite for the assessment but recommended.
Course Contents
  • COMCAT1: Completing the installation, commissioning and testing of a commercial sized cooking range with an atmospheric burnerServicing a commercial sized cooking range
  • COMCAT3: Deep Fat Fryers with Atmospheric Burners covers commercial sized deep fat fryers.
  • Commercial Catering core Gas Safety (CCCN1) or Changeover domestic to commercial catering CODC1 required.
Achievement on completion
On Successful completion of assessment candidate will gain the CERT-AIN certificate for the appliances they have undertaken.
Become a Gas safe Registered Engineer