Domestic Gas Safety (CCN1) & Appliances Assessment (INITIAL)

Advance 4 Training offering Domestic Natural Gas Safety CCN1 and appliances training & Assessment (Initial) Package, for those candidates whose CCN1 is expired for more than 12 months or for the first time and completed the “Fundamental Gas-Domestic Natural Gas Training” under Managed Learning Program. CPA1 is included in CCN1 now. Two days refresher training & CCN1 and one appliance Initial Assessment are included in package price but Additional appliances can be added at same time after successful completion of CCN1.*CENWAT - Central Heating Boilers and Water Heaters*CKR1 - Domestic Cookers*HTR1 - Gas Fires & Wall Heaters*MET 1/2 - Meters*For those wishing to work solely on LPG installations we also offer a core LPG gas assessment.
Course fee:
4 Days
Course structure
One day refresher Training and Three days for Initial Assessment on Domestic Core Gas Safety and appliances are included in this package. Training is not a pre-requisite for assessment but recommended.
Course Contents
  • Topics covered in this course:
  • Gas Safety Regulations and other relevant legislation,
  • Gas emergency Actions and Procedures,
  • Combustion,
  • Gas pressures and Gas rates.
  • Pipe work and fittings, Tightness testing and purging,
  • Chimney systems (flue flow test, Spillage test etc.)
  • Ventilation,
  • Gas Unsafe situation procedures,
  • Gas Controls,
  • Flue gas analysis,
  • Re-establish existing Gas supply and relight procedures.
  • Previous CCN1 Expired more than 12 months.
  • OR
  • New entrant "Fundamental Gas-Domestic Natural Gas Training" certificate under managed learning programme.
  • Training is not a pre-requisite for assessment but recommended. With refresher training, candidate may be better prepared for the ACS assessment.
Achievement on completion
On Successful completion of assessment candidate will gain the AdSkills certificate for core domestic Gas Safety (CCN1) and the appliances they have undertaken.
Become a Gas safe Registered Engineer