Domestic Gas Safety (CCN1) & Appliances Assessment (INITIAL)

Advance 4 Training offering Domestic Natural Gas Safety CCN1 and appliances training & Assessment (Initial) Package, for those candidates whose CCN1 is expired for more than 12 months or for the first time and completed the “Fundamental Gas-Domestic Natural Gas Training” under Managed Learning Program. CPA1 is included in CCN1 now. Two days refresher training & CCN1 and one appliance Initial Assessment are included in package price but Additional appliances can be added at same time after successful completion of CCN1.*CENWAT - Central Heating Boilers and Water Heaters*CKR1 - Domestic Cookers*HTR1 - Gas Fires & Wall Heaters*MET 1/2 - Meters*For those wishing to work solely on LPG installations we also offer a core LPG gas assessment.
Course fee:
4 Days
Course structure
One day refresher Training and Three days for Initial Assessment on Domestic Core Gas Safety and appliances are included in this package. Training is not a pre-requisite for assessment but recommended.
Course Contents
  • Topics covered in this course:
  • Gas Safety Regulations and other relevant legislation,
  • Gas emergency Actions and Procedures,
  • Combustion,
  • Gas pressures and Gas rates.
  • Pipe work and fittings, Tightness testing and purging,
  • Chimney systems (flue flow test, Spillage test etc.)
  • Ventilation,
  • Gas Unsafe situation procedures,
  • Gas Controls,
  • Flue gas analysis,
  • Re-establish existing Gas supply and relight procedures.
  • Previous CCN1 Expired more than 12 months.
  • OR
  • New entrant "Fundamental Gas-Domestic Natural Gas Training" certificate under managed learning programme.
  • Training is not a pre-requisite for assessment but recommended. With refresher training, candidate may be better prepared for the ACS assessment.
Achievement on completion
On Successful completion of assessment candidate will gain the Cert-ain certificate for core domestic Gas Safety (CCN1) and the appliances they have undertaken.
Become a Gas safe Registered Engineer