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Who we are

Advance 4 Training is a leading Training Provider and Assessment Centre for vocationall courses within the construction industry. These courses include Gas, Plumbing and Electrical and more. We train people to become professionals within their respective fields. Whether you are a new entrant to the industry or considering a career change, we accommodate for everyone. We understand the industry and its requiremements and our aim is to build specialised electricians, plumbers, and gas-safe engineers.

Advance 4 Training has three centres in the UK. Our Training and Assessment centres are in London, Birmingham & Reading, with our headquarters in West London. We equip you with the neccessary knowledge and skills to succeed in this challenging yet rewarding discipline. With a variety of options to choose from become fully qualified in a short period of time. 

There is a great range of training courses available from new entrant to professional domestic & commercial courses.

Our most popular courses in the Gas Industry are:

  • New Entrant "Domestic Gas Installer" training course (MLP IGEM/IG/1)
  • Domestic Gas Installer (experienced route) training course (MLP IGEM/IG/1)
  • Domestic Gas Safety Initial Assessment course, CCN1 Inital 
  • Domestic Gas Safety Re-assessment, CCN1
  • Domestic Gas Appliances, CENWAT, CKR1, HTR1, DAH1
  • Domestic Gas Meters, MET1/2
  • Changeover Domestic Gas Safety to Commercial Heating, CoDNCO1
  • Installation of First Fix Commercial Pipework, ICPN1
  • Tightness Testing and Purging Commerical Installation, TPCP1A, TPCP1
  • Commercial Gas Meters, MET4
  • Commercial Appliances, CIGA1, CORT1, CDGA1
  • Changeover Domestic Gas Safety to Commercial Catering, CODC1
  • Commercial Catering Appliances, COCATA1, COMCAT1, COMCAT3
  • Changeover Natural Gas to LPG appliances, CONGLP1, CONGLP1-PD, CONGLP1-LAV, CONGLP1-RPH, CONGLP1-B, HTRLP2
  • Commercial Mobile Catering, CMC

Our most popular courses in the Plumbing Industry are:

  • Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems including Unvented
  • Water Regulations (WRAS Approved)
  • Domestic Energy Efficiency Training (Part L)
  • Legionella Information and Prevention
  • Central Heating Boilers, Systems & Controls (IGEM/IG/1)

Our most popular courses in the Electrical Industry are:

  • New Entrant Domestic Electrical Installer Course
  • Domestic Electrical Installer (Part P)
  • 18th Edition Wiring Regulation course
  • Initial Verification and Certification
  • Periodic Inspection, Testing and Certification
  • Electrical Installation Inspection, Testing, Certification and Reporting
  • PAT testing
  • Safe Isolation 

Why Us? 

You should consider us if you are looking for: 

  • Excellent Training at good prices
  • A Supportive Learning Enviornment 
  • Opportunities for Growth & Development

Not sure which course is right for you? Give us a call or drop us an email to speak to one of our course advisors. Get in touch today for a brighter future. 



Our Values

Advance 4 Training was formed in March 2013 and we have a proven track record in providing the very best training. In the last five years, we have trained 1000s of engineers who are working successfully in their chosen fields. We design and deliver the courses to improve the skills at the industry level. We train engineers to provide highly safe services and products to their clients.

Our Courses Offer

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