1.0 Between Advance Skills Training Ltd (‘AST’ or ‘Advance 4 Training’) or (‘We’) or (‘US’), Company registration number 08442878 whose registered address is: Unit 15, Heston Industrial Mall, Church Road, Hounslow, TW5 0LD and You (‘Client’) or (‘Candidate’). 1.0 Purpose: 1.1 To ensure that by booking onto a course through the website or personally at the centre to a course offered by AST, the client accepts these terms and conditions in their entirety. 1.2 These terms and conditions succeed over any advertising material in written or electronic form or oral illustration to you by AST staff.

2.1 Course bookings are not completed until AST receives a completed booking form or telephone booking along with the course deposit fees and the client receives a confirmation either by email, verbal or in written form; AST will send this to you as soon as possible after receiving your course deposit fees. 2.2 AST reserves the right to accept or reject any application for course enrolment at its sole discretion, which cannot be later challenged by the client.

3.1 A minimum of 50% of the total course fees and confirmation of booking are required for us to allocate the client a place on the requested course 3.2 No booking is confirmed until the deposit is paid, and either the telephone booking or application form
is completed. 3.3 The balance of any outstanding fees is due within 14 days of receipt of booking confirmation or 5 working days before the Course start date, whichever is earlier unless a prior written errangement has been agreed. 3.4 Failure for the client to provide full payment of the course will result in the candidate not being able to
undertake their assessment(s) and/or any assessment result will not be forwarded transmitted) to the certification body. 3.5 Failure to pay any outstanding fees or balance will result in the immediate cancellation of your course 3.6 Course fees are not a guarantee to pass any assessment(s) and/or examination(s). If the candidate fails to achieve certification, there is no refund of fees or any kind, payable
to the candidate

4.1 Payment can be made by BACS or Credit/Debit Card. 4.2 We are not accepting any Cash Payments as a mode of payment, unless prior arrangement has been agreed with the director of the company. In cases where cash is the agreed mode of payment, then a cash receipt is only valid if the receipt is signed by the company director.

5.1 Obligations by us 5.1.1 We agree to provide in centre training (if applicable) and assessment as per your booking confirmation. 5.1.2 We agree to provide the necessary equipment to complete the training/assessment as per awarding body/certification
body requirements. Course fees will cover the first sitting only in examination(s) or assessment(s). 5.2 Obligations by you 5.2.1 You agree to attend the course during the course term on the given days and times as per booking confirmation. 5.2.2 You agree to complete self-study and homework as required to complete the course. 5.2.3 You agree to pay additional resit examination(s) and/or assessment(s) fees if a resit is required to achieve the qualification. 5.2.4 You agree not to use offensive language, disruptive or aggressive behaviour against other
candidates and AST staff at any time. 5.2.5 You agree not to use sound recording and photographic equipment’s within any part of the premises where the course isdelivered/Assessed. 5.2.6. Breaching either of the clauses 5.2.4 or 5.2.5 will result in your immediate removal from the course without any refund of any fees. 

6.0 Cancellation of course 6.1 Course Cancellation by you Due to the limited number of places per class, the course fees are non-refundable.However if a confirmed booking is cancelled by written confirmation and received by AST then cancellation is accepted, and the refund is subjectto clause 6.1.1 and / or 6.1.2: 6.1.1 Prepayment will be refunded if it is minimum of 28 days prior to the course start date. 6.1.2 A charge of50% of the total course fees will incur if it less than 28 days butminimum of 21 days prior to the course start date 6.1.3 No refund of any
prepayment and the full balance will remain due if it is less than 21days prior to the course start date 6.1.4 Once the course has started, course bookings are not transferable and cannot be completed at a laterdate. The candidate will not be entitled to any refund. 6.1.5 No refund of any prepayment and the full balance will remain due if the candidatefails to attend the course. 6.1. 6 If you reschedule your course thencancellation clauses 6.1.1 and 6.1.2 will apply from the original coursestart dates and not from the new rescheduled course start dates.
Course Booking Terms and ConditionsASTor Advance 4 Training is a trading name of Advance Skills Training Ltd(Company registration number 08442878) © Advance Skills Training Ltd
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6.2 Course Cancellation
by us 6.2.1 AST reserves the right to cancel or alter any bookingarrangements as judged necessary out our discretion 6.2.2 If we cancelor reschedule any course that does not have enough delegates toconstitute feasibility or due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, the candidate will be offered an alternative course start dateand/or any prepayment will be refunded in full 6.2.3 AST reserves theright to cancel any course bookings, if the candidate fails to pay allsums due on time. 6.2.4 No refund of any prepayments and the fullbalance will remain due if the candidate fails to fulfil theirobligations under these terms & conditions. 

7.1 If the candidate wants to change course dates to the next available set of dates, it can only be changed once upon written request and the new course start date is only confirmed upon receiving the full outstanding amount and administration charges subject to clause 7.2 & 7.3 7.2 For requests to reschedule a booking received more than 14 days in advance of the course start date, there will be a reschedule administration charge of £30.00 ex vat. The reschedule charge invoice amount and any balance on the original invoice must be paid in full. 7.3 For requests to reschedule a booking received less than 14 days in advance of the course start date, there will be a charge of 50% of the total course fees. Reschedule charge invoice amount
and any balance on the original invoice must be paid in full. 

 8.1 AST reserves the right to amend the agreed training or assessment programme without any compensation. 8.2 Additional charges may be incurred if the published programme changes
either in duration, format, style or any other way due to either new regulations or requirements as dictated by the awarding/certification bodies 8.3 AST reserves the right to change the awarding / certificationbody to achieve a certification with equivalent or higher than thequalifications provided by the original certification body. 

9.0 Rights to Cancel (Distance Bookings only) 9.1 Booking a course viathe internet or the telephone (without any face to face) is deemed to bebooking by distance. The contract is governed by The Consumer Contracts(Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013which will generally give you a 14 day cooling off period (starting after the day in which you entered the agreement) to cancel thecontract, unless the booked course commences within the 14 days period.9.2 If your booked course starts within 14 days, then you are agreeingto give up your right to cancel within the cooling off period. 9.3 Clause 9.1 will not apply if bookings are made by the businesses, thetransaction will then be deemed business to business. 

10.1 If you are not the candidate and booking a course on behalf of another person, (e.g. friend, relative or employee etc.) these terms and conditions shall be obligatory on you and the candidate, and you accept that you have the appropriate legal authority to sign on their behalf and consent to the processing of their personal data and to receive any communication on their behalf. 10.2 Ifas a course booker you breach clause 10.1 then you shall be liable to indemnify AST in full against any loss, damage or liability resulting from your failure. 

11.1 AST is registered with the Information Commissioners Office and fully adheres to data protection legislation.11.2 AST may use your personal data for administration purposes and will be kept for a time judged reasonable at our discretion. 11.3 AST may use your personal data to contact you by email, SMS, post or telephone to let you know of any promotions or upcoming courses which might be of interest to you. You can opt out by sending us an email at admin@astcollege.co.uk 11.4 AST may forward your personal data to the associated training / assessment centres, awarding / certification bodies which is required to issue the certificate. 11.5 Awarding / certification bodies may pass your personal data to the concerned authorities to notify the outcome of the assessment / exam. 11.6 AST may record telephone calls for training or monitoring purposes only. 11.7 By booking a course you are giving your consent to AST to use your personal information as per clause 11.2 to 11.6. 12.0 CONTACT Company Name: Advance Skills Training Ltd Address: Unit 15 Heston Industrial Mall, Church Road, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW5 0LD Tel: 020 8570 5557  Email: admin@advance4training.com www.advance4training.com 


I have had an amazing experience at the training centre. Not only have I gained skills, but have also found professional mentors to help with my future guidance. I am confident for the future and am grateful to be linked with this institute. If you’re looking for professional training and support, definitely come here!

Deep Singh

I completed my Gas Safe Course from Advance 4 Training. espite having 20 years of experience within the construction field, undertaking training here has truly unlocked my real potential as a Gas Engineer. This training has changed my life. I have pent six weeks under the guidance of professionals. I have received excellent value for money and would really recommend others to join this institute if you really want to become a Gas Safe Engineer.

Raja Sajid Khan

Very good training from the teachers in this centre verything is explained clearly and not rushed which allowed me to process the information better. Facilities are excellent, they offer free coffee and biscuits, which helps give me a good brain boost. Would highly recommend.

Martin Smith

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